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 Twenty years ago on April 24th Alighiero Boetti died, aged 54. His creative genius and his bright intelligence have left an extraordinary wake in our contemporary world and still represent a major source of inspiration for young artists.
On that anniversary Anne Marie Sauzeau, with son and daughter Matteo and Agata Boetti and their own families, remember him, together with Archivio Boetti’s members and the Archivio Alighiero Boetti Supporters’ Association.
In this year 2014 the Archivio is trying to reach the publication of a first part of Volume 3 (1980-1987) of Boetti’s Catalogue, that shall include the Maps of that period, other large Embroideries and ‘biro’ works, with a special part devoted to Events and Performances, and several essays about the different types of work included.



Alighiero Boetti Catalogue Raisonné