The Alighiero Boetti Archive is a Cultural Association founded in 1995 on the initiative of the artist’s family.
The Association does not own any works, but it is a place of study whose exclusive patrimony consists in the conservation, acquisition and scientific cataloging of the documentation related to the artist’s works and life.
The study and archiving of the work are aimed at the preparation of the Catalogue Raisonné.
The first Tome of the General Catalog(1961-1971) was released in December 2009, the second Tome (1972-1979) in October 2012 and the first part of the third Tome (1980-1987) in June 2015.
The second part of the third Tome (1980-1987) is being prepared.
The General Catalogue is intended as a documentary, philological and historical reconstruction tool for the work of Alighiero Boetti.
Currently the staff is composed of a Management Committee (chairman: Matteo Boetti, director: Agata Boetti, members: Laura Cherubini, Giorgio Verzotti, Andrea Barenghi) and a Editorial Staff (Arianna Mercanti, Caterina Niccolini, Giorgia Accorsi and Salman Ali).
In addition to the management Committee, a group of consultants intervenes for the expert opinions of the works, including ex-assistants of the artist, a graphologist, and several specialists who intervene according to the type of works and also makes use of technical experts, lawyers, scholars and art historians.


In correlation with archiving and cataloging, the Archive carries out expert appraisals of the works (see how to proceed).
The expertise takes place at the request of the collector, but also in the interest of the Archive, guarantor of the protection of the artist’s work. This protection can be exercised, in specific cases, through the reporting of illicit facts of which a specific work should be object.
Who owns works by Alighiero Boetti whose material has not so far been deposited at the Archive is invited to contact us in view of archiving.
In case of sale, private or public, the Archive is available to collectors to verify the data of the works already certified by us.
In the case of a sale that has already taken place (auction houses and / or other) we would be very grateful to the new owner if he wanted to get in touch with us, either to agree on the terms with which he would like to appear in the catalog or to contribute to the history of every single work.


In order to promote and disseminate the knowledge of the work of Alighiero Boetti, the Archive collaborates in the creation of exhibitions, catalogs and other cultural initiatives.
So far these collaborations have been carried out with institutions (museums, foundations and galleries) among the most prestigious of the international art scene.
It is possible to consult the thematic library, photographic material and other bio-bibliographic documentation by telephone appointment.

NB: The logo of the Alighiero Boetti Archive can be used by external subjects only and exclusively if previously authorized.
For information: info@archivioalighieroboetti.it

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