The Archive Alighiero Boetti carries out a filing service in view of the General Catalog. This service is linked to the issuing of a certificate at the request of the collectors themselves, pending the publication of the various volumes envisaged.

To know if the work in its possession is authentic, and then request its examination by the Commission of the Archive, certain procedures must be followed.


To initiate the request for authentication of the work it is required to send the documentation through the RECORDED MAIL to the Archive for an initial examination:

1. Fill in the entry form in all its entries. [Form]

2. Provide us the following photographic material:

– n. 3 color photographic prints of the front of the work (size of 18 × 24 cm);

– n. 1 color photographic print of the back of the work without a frame (size of 18 × 24 cm);

– n. 1 color photographic print of signature and / or inscriptions if present on the work.

3. The images above must also be sent in high resolution (jpg or tiff format – resolution of at least 300 dpi) on CD or DVD support.

4. It is mandatory to read carefully and sign the acquaintance agreement. [Consultancy]

5. In addition, provide copies of any documents (essays, articles, reviews, invitations, press releases, etc.) in which the work is reproduced or cited.

6. Send if accepted, the written authorization for the publication of the personal data in the Catalog Raisonné, authorizing to use your personal data (see – Personal Data Processing Information and signing the Consent to the processing of personal data – see pre-printed) Without this authorization, the words “Private collection” will be used.


In addition to this material, the Archive requests to examine the work at its premises on the occasion of the periodic expert sessions of the Technical Committee chaired by Matteo Boetti. (the dates of the next expert sessions will be communicated on the home page of the Archive.)

The opinion issued by the Archive will be communicated in the form of a certificate (of attribution or non-attribution).

The authentication is paid and respects a specific tariff according to the type of work (see costs of expertise).

This payment is to be considered as a flat-rate reimbursement for expenses and activities related to consultancy.

Before the delivery of the work to be examined, the payment must be made by bank transfer.

Even if the works are not attributable to Alighiero Boetti, the payment is non-refundable.

On the day of the appraisal, the works must arrive without a frame so that the front and back of the work are visible, or accompanied by a declaration from the owner authorizing the Archive to disassemble the elements that compromise the examination.

We do not make economic estimates of the works or sale of the same.

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