In order to publish works by Alighiero Boetti, it is necessary to apply for the authorization of use to S.I.A.E. (Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association), in advance, indicating precisely the type of the use to be made of the image.

We remind you that to reproduce works of the figurative arts, the prior authorization to those entitled through the S.I.A.E is also essential for the N.F.T.

Request for authorization cannot in any case be taken into consideration if the works have not been previously archived.

In lack of such authorization, the reproduction of the works, in any form, whether photographic or cinematographic, is not allowed.

In order to facilitate the request, the application to be filled in is attached.

For further information please call SIAE (O.L.A.F. Section) at phone number 06.59901 (switchboard).

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